A shopping bag you would love with 3 big compartments inside for easy organising, this way you can save the planet by rejecting a few plastic bags when shopping or going out for activities.

A Japanese mum happily using it as a baby bag to carry her bottles and diapers. Another loves using it as a gym bag because all the essentials can be seen and organised nicely. This is the very first bag we started off with and have gone through a few generations of improvements.


Material: Mangrove Natural Dye + 100% canvas and 100% cotton


How to take care
- gentle hand-wash is recommended
- use only mild detergent
- dry under shade



Every year, fabric dyeing releases 200,000 tons of toxic into our environment, thank you for supporting Natural Dye.

Every piece is dyed individually with mangrove natural dye, therefore every piece is unique, no two pieces are totally alike. Measurements will differ by a little bit because each one is handmade.

Xiapism Compartmental Bag